MAPsterclasses and Updates

If you've been on our social media lately, you probably noticed we've been having afternoon music and Hip Hop talks. They're all on Youtube in the MAPsterclass playlist, grab some snacks and dig in:

MAPsterclass Playlist

The Linktree has been updated, and you can now get a sneak peak of some ARC animation project videos, and we have a new DOD45 interview as well as some "Labyrinthine" reviews:

I just noticed that we haven't posted much about Labyrinthine here, but there is plenty about it on Mugs' (Scarlet Monk's) blog, so check out that post:

Labyrinthine Deep Dive

And if you want to go straight to listening: here you go:

Listen to Labyrinthine Here


Our focus right now is to spread the word about Labyrinthine and Mugs and Pockets and all of this incredible music we've created with live musicians and top notch sound engineers. We appreciate you all bringing up our names when talking about music, calling your radio stations, adding us to playlists, and supporting through buying gear, prints, and Labyrinthine bundles.


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