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Not sure where to start? Let's dive in: First, have you checked out our album "The Adventures of Mugs and Pockets"? Yeah? Oh good. How about the one before that, "Tenfold" by Swamburger ft. Scarlet Monk? That was before we officially formed a group. Annddd..... " Labyrinthine " by Scarlet Monk (Mugs), which is her solo Trip Hop album executive produced by Swamburger (Pockets)?  ("Thrive", a song on the album, has an amazing fan-made music video ) Hmm... how about the single "Best of Life" by Mugs and Pockets? Wow, you're a true fan. I assume you're aware of the art side of things called "MAPwerks" where we do fine art and have tons of merch like skateboards and t-shirts and prints (more on that below)?  Did you know that Mugs does most of the production for the project, and that she also has an instrumental series called "Minty Waves"?  What about our Halloween EP (a good listen all year long)? AND the ne

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