Tuning the intrument basics (Week 1)

No, we’re not turning into a health blog.. But we do have a small accountability group of close friends/artists we check in with daily. We’ve been walking and working out more and cheering each other on from afar. This month, as the colder weather approaches, we decided to focus on something specific each week, and why not share it with everyone? Colder weather will mean cozy times with snacks and holidays with family (all wonderful things) and we want to start practicing making good-for-us choices now. So, this first week, taking it easy on the sugar. Finding healthier options that still make us feel warm and fuzzy. Coconut rooibos tea with a bit of honey anyone? 

(Also, we stay away from sugar substitutes and "sugar-free" options ... they are pretty hard on the stomach and artificial.  “Low sugar”, "lightly sweetened" or use a bit of honey or maple syrup can be better options. Adding a banana or berries to oatmeal. Sodas/bottled fruit juices are wack 🛑) 

But really, seriously, we care about everyone around us being healthy and at their best. Moving, stretching, getting the necessary nutrition.. It affects the brain, emotions, ideas, dedication, friendships, thought processes, connection to yourself, and often makes us question things around us that we thought just “were”. Maybe we realize we have more decision-making power than we thought. Maybe the world starts changing. Or maybe we just get a few minutes to ourselves and a couple of fresh breaths in nature. 

Some reasons we talk about health:

-as performers and artists, getting sick, injured or feeling low affects the craft and livelihood, so it only makes sense.. 

-people ask how we have so much breath control.

-people are hitting us up telling us it helps them, even if they don’t want to write it publicly. 

-music needs mentors, and mentors tend to be older. So many of us stopped moving once we stopped playing sports, skateboarding, breaking, dancing, walking everywhere, got stuck at home during Covid. 

Information on health and movement is everywhere and overwhelming. I (Mugs) have found that the best way to look at it is to look for balance. If you do exercises where you push, make sure you also pull. If you work the core, also work the lower back. Lower back and knee problems are the most common but there are tons of exercises to strengthen and stretch. A group class with a qualified and certified instructor will make sure that you’re working all of these opposing muscle groups. Always warm up, and work mobility exercises into your day, being able to get off the floor and run are life saving skills. We are losing muscle as we age. Women especially, and losing bone density. Strength train. It starts out scary and stressful, and it’s the perfect opportunity to practice how to keep those feelings in check. And then observe what you do when you feel stressed: what do you reach for, what are your coping mechanisms. If they’re making you worse, start substituting them for something else. Be the master of your own body, otherwise who is? Feelings? Food commercials? Nostalgia? Fear? Anyway, love you bye. 

(P.S. Find your people. A group or a class. Accountability. Talk about what you're working on, hurdles that arise. Have support, work together.)

Fear not, the music is moving along quite nicely, we will soon have some announcements. And of course the Halloween show at High Dive in Seattle is coming up! Get tix here:

Halloween TIX


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