The Fuel (Week 2)


I’m not a dietician nor do I want to be (Then why are you talking on the subject? ๐Ÿ™„) Because. This is mostly for whoever doesn’t know how to begin, is overwhelmed by options and influencers, or welcomes a nudge now and again. It’s an open conversation within the music and art community.

The point is to stop, look and be aware of our choices and how they impact our health, and therefore our art, our life, our future, our relationships and collaborations. The point is to notice if we are living on auto-pilot because “I got used to it”, “this food spot is the closest”, “the pastry/pizza was there ” etc etc. 

 Then look at the people around you every day and their choices too, cuz you’re probably choicing together…  U-huh…

Some ideas how to start that may or may not be for your situation:

-add vegetables to every meal (not just potatoes either ๐Ÿซฃ)

-try eating food that is as close to its original form as possible

-variety on the plate, different colors of vegetables 

-ease up on sugar and salt, creamy sauces, dressings and fried foods

-protein in every meal helps you feel fuller and helps build muscle

-drink more water

But again, this is a starting point. Maybe you are at a point where your health is in jeopardy and you need to make more drastic changes and consult your doctor. Do what you need to. 

One thing I truly believe though…. Guilt and shame are a waste of energy and if they appear then just tell them automatically to f*ck off. No discussion. Don’t indulge them. Use that time and energy to learn, plan, and make different choices. To understand yourself better. We make better choices when we are hopeful, cared for, understood, especially by our own selves. Maybe write down how you imagine yourself and your health in 10 years. Maybe look up some recipes. Maybe sign up for a free trial class. Throw a wrench into the everyday real quick. 


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