Let's talk LYRICS


Before we post all of the TAOMAP lyrics here, we wanted to write a bit about our approach. Like every other part of the whole, the writing of lyrics is an intricate art form. Words, especially set to music, and extra especially set to repetitive or catchy music, are very powerful. Throughout history, armies hired musicians and composers to create songs and anthems which would encourage and even excite people to go into battles. Powerful drums and battle cries, carefully crafted calls and responses in training camps, sports, during manual labor, cooking or washing for the community in extreme heat… And then there are the affirmations, prayers, and quietly mumbling to yourself “I can do this” when you don’t think you can. Words are influential, potent, and full of intent, and we both take them very seriously. 

Here are a few insights from each of us on the topic, and in case you’re looking for “Tenfold” lyrics you can find them here on Genius:


While on Genius, I encourage you to look up a few songs from other MCs or current popular songs and just read them out loud without the beat, and see if you like what you’re saying to yourself.


My approach to writing lyrics for MAP tracks is primarily based off of rhythm, sound, and topics that fit the pulse of the song. The words become shapes that mold the beat into tiny pictures, or frames that highlight hi hat patterns, kicks, snares, etc. On average, after listening to a beat, I'll begin scatting out lines and humming an alternate bass. Sometimes, I'll start verbally finger picking consonants and vowel sounds to see how well they play up against the other instruments. This is how I find the magic. 


For a future release that we're now calling "Huddled Trouble," I wanted the words to appear as water... the beat felt like water and the snares echoed like bubbles. In order to capture that I wrote: 

- Huddled trouble, in the bubble county, gives a subtle muscle to the hustle looking out for number one... 

Meaning: there's a concentrated area of trouble arising in the town that creates a thick skin for those willing to look out for themselves. 

Breakdown: using the U as a vowel sound, coupled with the double L's and B's created a round-like flow. That bubbly vibe I was going for was apparent. Lastly, I made to include water references throughout the verse.


I come from a bit of a different background… as a vocalist I got used to using as few words as possible, just like in  poetry, because each word tends to get stretched onto the melody. Singing, especially classical singing, is pretty much all done on pure vowel sounds, just getting the consonants out of the way as quickly as possible (especially on high notes) to then holding the single vowel across several notes of the melody. Try singing Whitney Houston’s “And I will always love you” real quick to see what I mean... So over the years I trained myself to say a lot with as few words as possible. You can see this clearly in “Art of Chill”.

Eventually I developed an alternate style (or 2 or 3), more of the singy-rappy writing you see on “Scarburger”, which then further developed into what you hear on “Surface Patterns”.  I’m extremely grateful for Pocket’s ear and mentorship while I delve deeper into this wordsmithery. Let’s be honest: I’ve wanted to try my hand at rapping for quite a while. And even though I didn’t start earlier due to many factors, I still listened to tons of Hip Hop, and so more and more words got into my writing and into my subconscious. And that’s the last thing I’ll say about that; what is in my subconscious, the collective music I’ve heard until now, is what guides my writing. It is how I decide, after listening to something I wrote, if I like it or not. I have developed a taste in music and I very much trust it. If I write something and listen back and think “this sounds cheesy”, I chuck that sh*t right away. Bye. The wells we pull from are limitless, so I try to pull out something interesting, but not over-complicate matters to prove my skill to myself or others. Simplify- 





Never afraid to be alone

My heart will never turn to stone

Too full of love, too full of pain

All that I know is that I’m free

There’s nothing you can do to me

My feelings fade, but I remain

I don’t know if it’s that I’m brave

Or maybe I just won’t behave

Or do I know something you don’t?

You can’t fool me, you can’t buy me

I don’t suggest that you should try me

I’ll always find another way


But send all your love this way

I just might need it today

Send all your love to me

I need it more than I’ll say

I’ll be all right, I’ll be ok

I only need a couple days

To self-destruct when it turns gray

Recall the stakes that are at play

Rise from the ashes, learn from the crashes

Renew my faith, make sure I’m safe

So I can fall and do it all again, again

All of this art tears me apart 

It’s how I cry, it’s how I pray

It’s how I die, it’s how I say

I cannot take another day

And when I needed you the most

You were too scared to get too close


In the name of art, two can be the same apart

Claims of a pain at heart 

Ain’t a trained response, but a real one

Voice to the sane if you feel one. 

Dreams take a toll on the thrill, huh?

Add loads to the deal… 

We can be in love with the skill 

And still have a hole in the shield.

Protection ain’t a goal, it’s a will 

Fulfilled by the soul of your quill. 

So, don’t write it off…

It’s a necessary element to better mend expression 

When I feel like a veteran in need of a testament,

And evidence of owning up to negligence of killing it… I..

(Mugs: “need it more than I say”)

Church! I could use the same cause it hurts. 

Giving out a piece of you is work.

For what it’s worth, if it’s you to serve, 

Imma give you benefits of first.

“From the GO”


Welcome to the Chi City. 

Windy cause of politics... Come vibe, gritty. 

Luther had it wrong, we built a home outta house, 

Now the house is a home of the tribe with me. 

Respect due to hustle, crafts, and Alchemy- Transformative. 

The normal give is less than. 

We leveled up to share a heart.. 

From living off of fifty bucks and a mind full of flux to contest with. 

Now the aim is infectious 

Shooting for the stars got me aligned with a name I can flex with... 

Shout it out!!! Yeah, Scarlet Monk on the beat, fulfilling the emcees. 

Hidden gem from the ‘GO. Suggest you take heed. 

The next move is free 

‘Cuz we about to walk the planet humble with talent you never seen 

Plus a gang of affiliates up in these streets.

Gramaphone raised Superkids on a Clark Street 

Destined for the booth, in our scene. 

We focused on the skill to beat the street Wars. 

(We're) Neutrons... Hold the beef. 

Want to eat, but artsy! 

Non-stop is the move. 

Paid dues, getting news from the block peeps 

Telling us it's our season. Straight up, Joe. 

Hold the phone to the ‘GO, tour the road, 

Let em know... Two more beasts here to rock, even. 

On the way, set the pace. 

Bring the capes 

‘Cuz we fly overnight with no regard to the flock sheeping. 

We know the game.. study names and events, 

Educate, entertain... Never hoed for the pimp. 

Built a city twice, think they noticed our percent?

Contribution to the game? Chicago! We all in!

Now let me give a shout out to the trend... 

Future drift caught, tally for the win.


We battled patience when waiting for placement, 

Still facing days of training, 

Yet the range has proven sacred celebration 

For the change is made to aid the boost, 

Paving grooves, making statements 

Take the elevated route to later view the fruits of our labor.. 

Yes, it's where I wanna be. 

Sacrifice everything for the space to be me. 

See these G's. Enemies freeze in a cold sweat. 

Southside, wild 100s kept us all in check. 

This ain't a robbery. Hands up, nuff respect! 

We grabbing props, though. Man up, cut the rest. 

Alive and well. 

Invested in tomorrows for the sake of knowing then 

Only time will tell. 

We got next on the rock showing real buck, 

Screaming no cobs... still love. 

N***** will bug. 

Been saving this a minute for the thrill ‘cause 

You want the best. 

The fake funk kills buzz.



I put all this on my muse, crew, all out few... 

Dear you, don't ever touch another beat again. 

I got dibs. You get this. 

Thank you for bringing our tribe in unison, let's not part. 

You see this? This that heart!

In a land of my own- 

With the help of an on point sister, brother figure... 

Let me just get it together, man. 

Got a lot to talk about. Free this chakra now. 

Levels topping! 

I feel like I can't stop thinking ‘bout our crops, 

The future harvest, beats and family, the life of artists. 

They don't really make ‘em like us, for starters.. 

We need that lineage, meaning many kids, 

Where the ceiling is non-existent, 

But the quality has a business full of ill s*** 

They would never fathom, like...

Back to the Legacy... 

Let ‘em see us hanging with the opportunity 

Of educated, underrated, innovative, individuals. 

We got a visual. Go with the pendulum? Nah, minimum. 

Sending ‘em facts of the pack outchea, 

Stacks of the wax that housed ears... 

Doubt cheered when we overcame all the clouded fear.

Stamina for the panic buzz- 

We have a circle of damagers... AMATEURS!!!

Ain't nobody over here mediocre. 

Anybody can get it. 

See me Oprah, eating okra, teaching chosen seeds of focus... 

Big winning for the lead, we Totem (told ‘em). 

Take a poll, we can't be demoted.


I put all this on my muse, crew, all out few... 

Dear you, don't ever touch another beat again. 

I got dibs. You get this. 

Thank you for bringing our tribe in unison, let's not part. 

You see this? This that heart!

Too many roads to take for most. 

I got one, since day one. 

Call it my everything. 

Every day is an upgrade,

From the beats to the home place. 

No alone stage, no regret of my old days... 

I was training for YOU! 

They didn't see this coming. 

Look, some even started running. Still, no loss... 

It's just the cost of honesty when you kill your boss 

And work for self like... 

"I'm gon make YOU a star”

Work- We gon get it…

“Art Of Chill”


Master the Art of Chill

Let it be what it is

Breathe it all out until

It’s just memories


And be who you are


There's nowhere to run when you should be enough. 

I mean, the thoughts of independence gives you room 

To think of much concerning- 

Should I be this kind of character, or just remain the one? 

I feel as if I'm trained to love behind the mask of change because... 

If mystery can claim the wants without me giving up myself, 

My range of risk would step aside, 

At least that's what I thought until... 

My inner cause became my art 

And put my dreams of aim in park. 

The role I play is just a man 

Somehow they all can understand. 

Some dare to take a chance again, 

Revealing hints of tampering 

With new improving hands of Zen. 

Allowing self the land of then, 

And now it's making sense 

To trend amongst the fronts of measurement. 

Some even reach a testament, 

Seeking news and questioning 

Authority and negligence, 

Confessing up to being in your own way of excellence. 

I'm guessing it's a new break. 

The change don't fit the future me.  

Acute taste of fame without the victory.

“FOF ft Gift Of Gab”

Gift Of Gab:

Venomous, unanimous, innovative, phenomenal, 

Lyric creator all in your middle

Taking it farther. 

Here to make it evolve and elevate, 

But step in my way, it’ll make it a problem for ya!

I make bread! 

Sit and wait in your parlor, 

Mad at the world, fussing. 

Your bitter nature is obvious 

And don’t nobody owe you shit. 

In case you forgot, 

I go lyrically psycho-fucking-apeshit 

And you just a follower.

Studied my shit, got gassed up, 

And now you all on a self defeating ego trip, 

But still you’re sweeter than Palmolive.

You’re a returning Shih Tzu and I am a Rottweiler. 

Rottweiler that pops collars and mottes all in your stop 

Hollering “This shit is Motte Colony.” 

I am an atomic landmine underneath the cement 

One wrong step and you’re gone in a flash. 

Real quick, for poppin that slick shit, 

You’re all on my dick, b****. 

You’re small as a tick’s dick, 

And you don’t wanna see me spazz!



Stakes high

But not convinced of giving in 

Pitching fits either..

Leisure peaks the interest of believers 

Seeking pulmonary mobility,

Abilities in identity 

It’s like it’s ten of me 

Addressing feats of fury

But cool as we wanna be

Comforting stages cater sums of peace 

To operate on concentrated minds 

Stealing juice to eat.. 

The power trip is over                        

Coast the code of kosher

Most of all don’t know the ropes beyond the road

To hope and closure hold up…

Toast the trollers giving sight to polar opposites

The job in this can list some promises

In line with consequence

Imma just see the negative as positive 

If I gotta give a lot to lead occupants of solace out of Sodom

No problem, we face tomorrow with a shot. 

Scoping the distance under pressure 

No guesses, everything is locked. 

Chances are we keep on rising to the top. 

It's placing Mugs in the space of deep pockets.

“Mean Muggin”


No comp for the Soho squad

Suit up. Pick a team named “Robocop”

Nope! Somebody got that, too

Pick another name- “Devil in the White City Crew”

Aight, let's merk these fools. 

Tired of being ranked below the first aid nube 

Do work on the camping lots

Tyrone, stop running in the cannon spots!

In the zone, we control the turf

Move as a force, yield off trolls who perp

Look at the kill cam, fam. They snipe and search

Despite the worst consequence, 

I'm confident he won't win.

Got heart like a black dap

Rocket launch his ass right off the map

Now, can we get that "W"? 

Talk trash if you want

You in trouble, too!


Patience my people 

Push lightly, but mighty

This next level's caking with campers and cannons

Withstanding their "still life" is key to our end game

Cheaters are lurking, It's bound to be in range


We came to annihilate didn’t you know?

But who’s gonna come and clean it up though

Nah, they ain’t ready but ahead we go

And they go down blow by blow - oh!

This is the result and your own damn fault

Now you know what happens when you slight the occult

Ready, steady, sharp machete

First can we remove all the innocent folk?

Incisions exact underlined by the fact

The facility’s stacked, now you armor is cracked

Can’t hack this ability

Track this utility,

You’re faced with nobility

Traced with agility

I know you’re scared but don’t lose your civility

We are a force for the good

…Yes, really.

“Be Mine”


You send a chill all up my spine

The way I feel- hard to define

But you were never mine

But you were never mine

It’s over, but I’ll never hate you

It’s over, I’m still glad I met you

It’s over, and I hope she treats you how I wanted to

I hope she deserves you


But she ain't you... 

We can change a whole lot about us 

But the tree got roots. 

And still I feel- intrinsic to pendulum swings. 

Open heart with a mess made of intimate dreams. 

Working out the benefits of a vision of means 

That draw lines back to you and I 

Attempting to see past tomorrow, 

Pain and sorrow, patience borrowed... 

Placates of love just to taste the cargo. 

Training for moments left when each is partial, 

I'm giving you my all ‘cause you're worth the art shown. 

Silver lining to the dark cloud.

I gave an ear to your body, tell me how that sounds. 

A groove made of in-depth rounds. 

Put our needs on the record, 

We'll for sure break ground. 

This that lick- 

A permanent fit. 

Tried it six million ways, wouldn't happen again. 

So deserving of a natural wind... 

Caught your drift in the time, 

Been in flight ever since.

“Green Meadows ft. Abstract Rude and Chali 2na” 


I’ll sway

Sweep the crumbs away

Cookie-cutter thoughts

Told me I was lost

But I’m good just where I am 

I am 


Propped up on a riverbank playing woodwinds to the east. 

Attentive to the sentiment of reeling in the living will of chi... 

The continuance of my discipline caters to the greats I want to see. 

Ain't no frontin’ in my core, this is valued at a peak. 

Still breaking ground, learning by the reach. 

It's possible to lap around the thought of you when growth is there to keep. 

Encouraging meditative states in tune with rebel speech, yet, 

honoring logic's beef with emotion on the street.

Ability to rise proper ties to the yin in Dao. 

Syndicates of vibes know the trials of the then and now. 

Portals open wide, we replied with a grin and bow. 

Power to the people was applied then it simmered down. 

Hope... Lost in a bitter sound. 

Yet the times won't oblige giving up the crown. 

Appointed by a monk, bringing funk to the trips around sun, moon, and stars. 

Here we are! Warn a rigid town.

Abstract Rude:

Top of a rock wall chanting down Babylon

All hail the Dogon star in West Africa

Travel on a path that we lost of ancient astronauts 

Mali got Sirius A with two companions

When Digitaria and Sorghum is in the area

Some say you can feel the Oshun like Santeria

More vibes the merrier light up the nebula

It'll take fifty years before the cycle registers

Meanwhile on earth we pound the dirt cuz we outta work

Breanna we forgot ‘bout her justice when it does not occur

We bare the burden white kid murderer shot the church

They took him to Burger King, why we don't trust the officers

Not popular thoughts when thinking outside the box

Good writtens I'm transmitting for the violence to stop

Annakin Han Solo steppin in my dojo

Total Recall and you are what you do Quato

Chali 2na:

The Trajector-y of a vet protector 

We infect your Chi and select your death door

I detect your fear, if you check

It tests pure

Hypodermic lectures inject the set cure

While you goons sit patiently, 

waiting for swift victory,

I spit flame cadence

On your broomstick witchery

Assume shit differently 

Doom fits perfectly 

The room waits patiently

Temperatures heat mercury 

Creatures they keep lurking 

Behind a bleak curtain 

Creepin’ ’til it hurts

Never mind ‘em, just keep working

Certainly picture me grindin’ 

I keep searchin’

Elite merchants 

Here to defeat these weak serpents

I teach pertinent info

Pay attention to what certain events show

And shine with an intense glow

First responder in this thirsty genre

We do it from the earth and beyond


“Big Win” 


I'm afraid that people missing their calling, 

Falling victim to pauses. 

Some surfaces ain't worth the pattern of circling, or stalking. 

My peers... Man, they gawking at the finish line, 

Timid about the realest time to spend with self to win the wealth of willing minds. 

The interesting effect is that we often seek a check 

From people we don't respect enough to do the greatest work, 

So the best of who we are is wasted in the search for compensation... 

Appealing to the mental game of hope and stimulation. 

Craving attention- distant image of the bigger pic. 

Staging the limits between assistance and giving in. 

No bother here, the task at hand is simply honor flow. 

Respect your gift to lead the path of instant scholar roads. 

Get a pen, take notes on situations you ponder most. 

Let go of worry, doubt, and self intrusive comments yo. 

Find out about the proof of killing codes, 

“Genetic À la modes”, 

Embedded in our free-thinking powered homes.


I want that Big Win all my kin innocent

Free to go the distance, celebrating facts over fiction

All my foes struggle mode, what comes with better goals

We can own the soul of gold, don’t settle for your fold

Play your hand. 

No confusion with learning to tap dance 

For solutions involving movement in your center of mapped plans. 

Decisions of who we are. Persistence will rule tomorrow. 

Borrowed confidence from your common wit of news and sorrow... 

Just strike a match to catch the flame assigned 

To light the prime associates in line with time and time again

When building climbs to feel the fields of endless shine. 

We got a right to rise beyond the stigma, 

Negative winds of tenure. 

Belly up, or tend to your gems and venture. 

We swimming with indentured clones of loss and injured drifters. 

Seeking a spot amongst the bridge of loans and debt forgivers. 

Don't give it up when you invest in living. 

Predecessors suggest a second opinion. 

Heed the words of protective sentence intended. 

‘Cause as long as we got a foot in, power gained is pushing. 

Surface patterns are changed reflecting matters we took in.


In the light of a common ability, energy benefits a middle mark. 

Sentimental scars on a kid with heart will invent an element of spark... 

Even a little bit of a compromised spot to rise. 

Pivotal points are punctuated and equated into fundamental bags of shine.

“Make Sense”


Falling for misinformation 

Can you feel the dedication?

Stuttering and fluttering,

Shattering simulation after simulation 

Simulation after simulation..


This is my function

What am I with a mind to decide

What am I to the mind 

This is my


Currently stuck on repeat

Day in. Day out.

DATA builds to a peak,

Killing me.

Is it registering? 

Someone's meddling with the tethering parts 

Of my messaging heart.

Systematic start tore apart my art of living.

No more for giving, it's more/less


Itching tendencies of malfunctioning. 

I'm hungry for the sacrifice it takes 

To give a catapult to truth. 

Attentti..tive my witness is the

Battered toll of blues. 

Searching for the yellow brick

I'm on a trip of clues

Tripping on a center piece of 

Misdirected you.

Mirrored in the pessimism 

Tested for the guess I'm living

Slipping on the rest of given steps 

-Turned glue

Stuck for sixth time

What a sick time to be tricked

Time is a b****

I'm in abyss

“Surface Patterns” 


I hope you're eating well, 

Spending seasons growing, toasting leisure wealth. 

I'm pretty sure the days you fight 

Get known for showing easy hell... 

Locked behind your private thoughts of sanity 

And cheesy mail, like “You can do it”! 

Who's to say you wanted out, choosing ruin. 

Heard a lot of trauma, never knew about the PTSD. 

Stepping out again is hard, I understand it's messy. 

Don't want to add to pain. 

I'm still wondering why I came.. 

To tell you face to face, ‘cuz a text won't do the same. 

I'm feeling useless. 

And I know you got a huge list of stuff you need, 

But won't leave a clue until this feud lifts. 

I get it. 

Just hoping for a compromise. 


The soul of living confidants.


Lighter Higher Nuanced Lotus Focus


Steady climbing down the well, 

Where down feels like up and going back is a hard sell, 

Ah hell..

It’s like a secret room in the house, 

Sometimes the only one that feels like home.

Free to roam in my cognitive opulence 

But you won’t make it past the electric fence

Thanks for coming by though.. why though?

Even if I wanted to I can’t crawl up this glass to open the door.

In the back of my brain it keeps replaying “what’s it all for” 

I can’t carry up the alternate realities I readily store, 

And still looking for more.

Adjusting the scope of my brain’s kaleidoscope 

Secretly hoping one day something will break.

Maybe I can shake it all off, shed this skin, 

And being anew, begin anew, begin..


I’ll be here for you when you need, 

Not that you want me to. 

I got so much love for you.

Hope today is a wonder full, prompt and abundant too. 

Often we see the opposites.

Just tell me… I got a lot to give


Playing the highest of stakes

Fanning internal debates

Igniting fires so blue 

Pursuing lonely mistakes

So tangled up in myself I don’t know what is true

I just can’t worry about your feelings too..


I understand… as much as I can, 

At least… I do. And… damn.

You can say what you feel to get whatever out. 

I’ll listen to doubt or reason with the intent of sound mind.

I know it’s hard, but there’s no need to tip toe. 

I trust your moves enough to accept the appeals of it. So..

I hope it helps to be acknowledged as an equal. 

In person, face to face… 

Nice to meet you.

“80s Game”


Everybody won't "Merry Go Round" the town.

They tote the best smiles upside down, 

And halt the hugs until a crisis comes. 

Whichever bites the tongue 

Will get a right to fight the power with a price of lungs 

Screaming, "Oh No, Lord. We can't breathe!"

Sticking to a short leash,

We can't leave.

Medicated risk to a public peace. 

Merry, go round one up for the team.

It's like we gotta believe pain is our King. 

Order ain't organized,

just all sheep.

That's when they all asleep, 

We get a pic of the pill that killed thrills 

In the field of eager minds, 

on their own leisure time. 

Inclined to climb. No rhyme or reason. 

I'm trying to season impact I have when it's flat, 

but learning on a bell-shaped curve is mismatched. 

Fix that and gimme a wish that wants to be a ride 

or life-giver assist act with plans to get back. 

Attracting this, that, 

a third eye tie to a cry for rich bags of healthy risk. 

I know you're pissed at the missed opportunity to find your gift. 

Need a lift? I'm willing to give that...

Time after time with a pocket of gift raps.

Believing in a future where the journey is a map to your click. 

The path is aboard all ships, 

But who gon' drive?

You'll know when you see these signs.



I got a pocket full of woes I can deal with on the regular. 

Situation’s frantic but don't ever halt development. 

The pressure fits the ground, yet togetherness is evident... 

Adventures of the map, running list of freedom's settlement. 

Panic in the air... the rub is hard to duck. 

Few can cope, feeling stuck between the deed and giving up. 

‘Cause heroes ain't around and the truth is too new to trust. 

Gambling becomes a crutch... tangible news is rough..


Chill the f*** out

Can you just chill the f*** out

Chill the f*** out

Can you please chill the f*** out

Chill the f*** out

Rock-a-bye, rock-a-bye

Get that blood pressure down

Get that mind sound

Chill the f*** out

Calm down…

Calm the f*** down..




Touching sky with lucid guides. 

Either losing mind, or confusing truth with time 

in a world that shows behind the scenes of who's in tune with signs. 

I’m pointing straight ahead, but winding up beside the aim. 

Some say it's “waking life"- right... 

but feels more like a game. 

Slow down before you go now... 

Interest is intimate with this, yet needs the risk of showdowns. 

Present the gist of flunk and it's a whole new lane to boat round. 

Swimming towards assurance on your last leg is no lounge. 

My "iffy coat" is passionate. 

Quests become the questions prone to stagnate 

Searching for solutions "token stack plate."

The art of living broke can choke the will of bloke to blackface... 

But notice I'm a kin to trends, more human than the rat race. 

You can take a toll from time alone 

Sitting next to greatness thinking is this mine to own... 

Slipping out of frame to show the blame, or find the zone to finish- 

stepping into the future choosing shine to hold.


They don't get to know my thoughts... 

You can see me put in pieces what I meant for it to be, but... 

They don't get to know my thoughts. 

I gotta get over the hill that's legible. 

Knowledge will come to the few that's credible. 


Take a look inside

You might be surprised

At what the broken pieces made

How do you define

What was made to be unbound

Let it be ’til you see how it feels, where it flows 

When the tide’s coming in, you will know what it knows

And decide where it goes 

It tells you what it wants the most                

“Chicago Love”


Chicago got me tripping on some... Love! 

And she knows I can't deny the buzz. 

Drinking up the flavor, plus, feasting on the sound of her relating 

But patience is a factor. 

Any time of day, interaction is just attractive, and it's... bugged. 

Tapping into greatness is a passion. 

Greeting her would be like meeting monks... at The Birdhouse, 1961. 

Her style is phrased like the notes of Dinah Washington. 

And what a difference a day makes, if we could do play dates. 

It'd probably consist of digging in they crates, 

Laughing at the world... jolly ranchers and pancakes. 

Coffee in Seattle, but the vibe is of Downstate. 

Ain't got no biz in Champaign 

Yet 2 hours away could be the fit for loose change.

At any rate, I’m walking on Cloud Gate. I’ll meet you in the Loop.



Sounds great!


No frontin’

She could be my everything. 

Love her like our city dreams. 

Getting close is evident. 

Represent by any means. 

Linking up was easy cause it's written in DIVINCI Code. 

But... I got a question. When we getting married, though? 

Could even be at Buckingham. Al Bundy fairytale. 

Tell the Burnham Brothers paint the Towers gold and bury sales. 

The Root of this is progress.

Never made a love song produced by a goddess- 

Keeping me on point, my career pays a homage. 

Best Friends Forever. Windy City State's polished.

I'm aware of when I see goats. 

Stared enough to see, so I spy bars of telling you I fiend those... 

Horny samples. 

The lics can lead to so much. 

The art is free to translate with your touch. 

Building with you is like a Crown Hall project. 

We gon' see the light of day regardless.


Chicago Love. See what it does? 

Wear it on my sleeve like I'm feeling us. 

You remind me of the ‘GO. Housing you fa’ sho... 

Must be the cold, I feel I need to toast this..

Chicago love..

L train rides just to see the walls talk. 

Visit Bucktown to dine at Le Bouchon. 

Guest appearances for you and I 

On the next Qwel and Maker album

Don't think I didn't notice. 

Raw as f*** and beautiful, you winning all the show chips. 

Had me at 773 area code diss. 

Been a minute, but the ‘GO kept our imprints in print 

To invent the unreleased sound of intent. 

Introducing, the borderline couple of the century… 

I just love to hear you say you're into me. 

I got massages on deck, willingly. 

Hugs and kisses, and hugs with intimacy. 

Home bound, don't let me lose track. 

You the type of woman I can't wait to…

Perfect timing for the verse to close

This love is enough to be continued on the road.


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