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We love interviews, but we don't love answering "So how did you two meet?" and "How did you come up with the name?" in every interview (If you haven't seen our Self-Interview / MAPsterclasses, click here once you read through the basics: MAPsterclasses )

We have decades of experience and are very passionate about our craft. We have so much to share about the process and the artist life! But of course we constantly meet new fans and fellow artists, so here are all the basics in one place for easy access:

We are Mugs (Scarlet Monk) and Pockets (Swamburger).

Often referred to as "MAP", the initials of "Mugs and Pockets". "MAP runs the map!"

The debut album is often referred to as "TAOMAP", the initials of "The Adventures of Mugs and Pockets"



IG: @scar.letmonk

From a small farm in Poland to Chicago to LA to Vegas to LA again to Seattle… you may have crossed paths with Scar at a music performance, dance class, or a cafe. With a BFA in Vocal Performance and Dance, Scar spent her Chicago years collaborating with friends in the hip hop and downtempo music scenes, performed with the Laboratory Dancers, got creative with Vocal Looping, continued dance training, began to learn music production, and tried really hard to find her place for many years…. and didn’t, until now. The result is what you see, plus a bunch of leftover anxiety and reading books for escapism. 

How I got the name SCARLET MONK:

"Honestly I’m not sure at this point. I think it had something to do with the college performance where I had musicians wear monk robes which I sewed together with my ex’s mom, so that they wouldn’t feel awkward standing there while I did my weird experimental dancing. I liked that Scarlet could be both a name and color.“



FYI: @swamburger on IG is a fake account, follow @asaanbrooks instead 

From Chicago to Orlando to Seattle, you may know him as the co-founder of B-Side Artists, the Unofficial Mayor of Orlando, or 1/4th of Solilla. Aa a graduate of the Columbia Fine Arts Program in Chicago, Swam developed an instantly recognizable artistic style. He’s an MC, producer, leader, entrepreneur and often described with this one word: Prolific. 

How I got the name SWAMBURGER:

"I was teased in college when I decided to become vegetarian

At this point, the nickname Swam was already known by most of my friends

Swamburger came about one day when I walked in on my roommate eating a messy, overly garnished burger.

I asked him what he was eating, he replied... I'm eating a Swamburger. 

Then he dared me to try making it in the music industry with a name like that. Here I am”


From Mugs’ point of view:

Since Ableton is Mugs’ choice of DAW, one day she was perusing Youtube tutorials and at some point she also watched a video called “The philosophy of flow”. For once, the almighty algorithm did something right and showed her a video of some dude @Divinci talking about both Ableton AND Flow. He was speaking her language. Because of Covid, the Ableton Orlando monthly Zoom meetups were online (she was then living in LA) and she joined one. Next month another. Then she joined Divinci’s discord group and started showing more of her work. Divinci started thinking…. I have someone she should meet. Just kidding, Divinci would never use the word “should”. Let’s make it “someone who it would be in both of their best interests if they met”. He started scheming…

From Pockets’ point of view:

During the quarantine, Pockets started making lots of new music. With the roots of Chicago House in mind, he had a plan to make a solo album in collaboration with Miami House DJ / Producer, Juan Mejia. The two started building a solid base for their future music to grow. Pockets created a single that would later crave the attention and skill of another vocalist. Finding no fit for that spot, the song got put on the back burner for weeks. Those weeks allowed him to make more beats and bounce off the ears of his roommate, Divinci. As Divinci had heard the material, he suggested that Pockets take a listen to a very important, yet unique voice. That voice was... Mugs!  


One day Mugs took pictures of cool things she saw on a walk: a storefront full of mugs, a sticker with two little girls excited that their dresses had pockets. Mugs texted: “Mugs and Pockets- band name?” as a joke. But Pockets said: “Yoooooooooo…….”

Links to everything MAP are in this Linktree:


And lastly, some important dates we love to celebrate!

July 4th, 2021 was the very first time we spoke on the phone, and the conversation lasted 4hours, 39 minutes and 20 seconds. Let's just say some things clicked into place.

August 20, 2021 was when we officially formed the group Mugs and Pockets. So that's the official Mugs and Pockets Birthday! MAP runs the map!!

And speaking of birthdays, we often do online worldwide tea parties on those days (you send in videos or pics drinking tea and we post them on IG. Check out the Tea Party highlights on the MAP IG). Pockets' Bday is April 8th, and Mugs' is January 18th, so look out for online events during that time, or just send some good vibes <3

Don't forget to check out those MAPsterclasses 👀

See you soon!



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