In high gear over here

A quick overview of what's happening:

If you're a Recording Academy Voting Member, be sure to cast your First Round ballot by Oct. 20! May we suggest “The Adventures of Mugs and Pockets” by Mugs and Pockets for BEST RAP ALBUM in the R&B, Rap & Spoken Word Poetry Category. Only MAP can save us now. Share this far and wide:

We have a Halloween Show coming up in Seattle! Details and Tix in our Linktree below.

Our Halloween EP! By the time you read this it might be fully out, at the time of me writing this 2 out of 4 songs are out on Bandcamp. Again, Linktree below. Get these to your DJ and blogger friends and radio hosts to play during the Halloween season and at your parties and get-togethers. Boo!

So basically, lots going on over here. More info on most of this can be found in our Linktree:

We have also joined forces with Self Jupiter of Freestyle Fellowship to form a record label called 
"The Higher Ups". Be sure to follow on IG to see upcoming releases.

One of the aforementioned releases will be "Labyrinthine" by Scarlet Monk (Mugs), executive produced by Swamburger (Pockets). The last 2 songs are up to be mixed right now (10/12/23). As far as the bundle deals, the candles are ready and the lyric books are being printed. As soon as we have the books we'll begin selling and mailing the bundles so that you can have them when the album is released online and create yourself the full listening experience at home. Keep checking our Instagram for updates. 

Excitement levels are high. Pins and needles cover all seating surfaces. Mugs is losing her mind. Breathe in.... Breathe out.......

Love you, bye.



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